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MG MGF Technical - Fuel/Ignition timing/Sensor Issue??

fuel pumpor some of you that don
Chris Glen

The problem is caused by the poor manifold vacuum at idle, the solution is to back the cam timing off to 45/40 and/or adjust the balance of air between the TB and the IACV, judicious adjustment of the TB *will* cure the problem. I have seen it on dozens of engines.

Dave Andrews

Hi Dave!

Sterling work though on the head. The lightweight flywheel i fitted after the work that you and I did has made the car even more fun!

Before popping over to you again to asjust the cam a little, Is it just a case of adjusting the Idle screw with the cap on? Should I buy a guage to acuatley set the Fuel Pressure?
Chris Glen

Quick Update.

Backed the idle screw back a whole turn this morning and reset the throttle body (accelerator six times)

The car still feels jumpy but not half as bad.

I think I will continue "tweaking" I shall order a FSE guage so I can set that acurately.

You may still hear from me again Dave!

I dont like calling you up as you seems to spend most of your life on the phone!!

I was thinking about 3.2 bar??? Can you change the FSE presure on the fly or do u have to switch the engine off during re-adjustment?
Chris Glen

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