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MG MGF Technical - Fuel level decreasing

Hi all enthusiasts ! Hope you have had a nice summer.

I installed a 52 TB and a ITG kit in the beginning of the summer. Now after about 1 month the fuel, or at least it is indicating, seem to be just pouring out. I can litturarly see the fuel indicator go down while driving. Especially while driving fast. Could this be the result of the extreme warm and moist weather we have had here in Sweden? Where shall I look for leakage? I have opened everything and looked... but fortunally no leakage.

What shall I do? Continue paying 000's for just driving to work? Approx. 1 mile



others may say that its not necessary, but i found better fuel consumption & power by disconnecting -ve battery terminal for 15-30 minutes after changing air-filter. this has something to do with reseting air-fuel mixture reading in ECU to cater for increased air flow.


Fuel economy will be better in theory and in practice.

You may simply be wellying it more 'cause it sounds better. I know I did for a while!! :o)

It may however be some form of fueling/sensor problem.
Is the throttle position sensor connected properly? Do you have idling problems? Or possible less engine braking?

Paul Nothard

The clue is in the 1 mile journey to work.

Cold engine, thick oil, rich fuel/air mixture etc. etc

After I fitted a K&N I clocked over 40mpg in the 97 VVC, not driving like mad but not hanging around either - but on a 600 mile journey

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