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MG MGF Technical - Fuel pump

I am about to push the MGF over a cliff. The fuel pump keeps cuting out. it apears to be a electrical. some times if I undo the conector on top and re conect it pumps for a while then stops. I can not undo the top of the pump (the Red ring) to see whats up inside. The car is at work and I can not get it home. It will be given away!!!! as it has become a pain in the a???

Hi Mac,There is an MGF guru in auckland, the contact would be tru the MG Club there.Failing that Auto haus ROTORUA "Micheal or Herman know what they are about.If you are going to shift the car "and thats probably the case" be sure to arrange a car transporter that can handle the LOW ground clearance! the AA would know some one. There is so much underneath that wont handle a scrape as the car comes over the ramp and onto the deck. Stay with it, its definitely worth it, your grand kids will think your a ledgend. Cheers Bob.
rb wadwsorth

Mac if I had bought my toolkit with me I would have taken the car off your hands to use whilst Karin and I are visiting your fair land

Ted & Karin

At the moment in Auckland NZ.
Ted Newman

Hi Mac,

Usually it's a case of one of the connectors overheating and burning.

Have a look at.......

Tony Thompson

.. and if the connector is OK, there will be not much help, than changing the pump unit.

>I can not undo the top of the pump (the Red ring) to see whats up inside.

Rover workshops have a special tool to undo.
Use a hammer and big screw driver instead. It's standard right-hand thread.

... but don't smoke when you open the tank ;-)


Thanks for the help I think its all ok now.

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