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MG MGF Technical - Fuel Pump Leaking


My fuel pump looks quite wet & seems to be leaking very slighty.

The leak seems to be coming from the left hand outlet connection.

I have wiped away the fuel & tightened the bolts (all which seems quite tight anyway)

Other than this the pump seems to be working fine.
Is the pump going to need replacing?
Is it a very easy task to undertake?
Any tips or precautions when doing so.

Thank you

Sorry forgot to ask is this a SU fuel pump?

Oh & the car is a 72 BGT.

Thank you

I'm afraid you missed the MGB Technical subject on this Board.

Looks for me like broken gasket at the connection joint.
Assume there should be two copper washers. One below the hexagon head ond a second between joint and pump body.

Just an idea.



Opps Thanks Dieter.


Ah. Memories.
If it is an S.U then you must be carrying a spare.
A long time ago (1970).in Belgrade, Jugoslavija I left my friends house late one night and the MGB GT would not start. No click from the pump. She took me home to collect a can of petrol and some poly tube to syphon the fuel from the can on the roof to the carbs and we recovered the MG to my garage. Panic call to business collegues coming to visit to bring a replacement pump.
Jacked the car up, disconnected the feed from the tank which immediately 'oil canned' or expanded with an alarming crack.
After a hot day and cool evening, the air in the tank had cooled causing a vacuum as I had recently fitted a new locking fuel cap that did not have a vent.
Always carry a second S.U Pump or a Stanley Knife to cut the fuel cap seal.
As Dieter recommends, replace your banjo bolt seals or fit a moddern S.U electronic unit and refurb your old pump as a spare.
You may find more "B" experience on the "F" site than the "B"
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

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