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MG MGF Technical - Fuel Pump Part number


Nasty surprise yesterday (certainly concidering the brilliant weather at the moment): the fuel pump seems to have died.

Went through all my books and loads of websites, but can't find the part-number so I can order one.

Any of you got any ideas??

Bas, check you are getting power to the pump first as it could be the relay ,this is located at the back of the ECU in whats called a relay pack, these have to be replaced en-bloc, the pumps are about 180GBP so check the relay first these are about 25 GBP. I can supply you the part No if this has failed, Mike.

180 quid... Urrrghhh !

Mike, please don't scalp me if I offer him my second hand fuel pump for one third of it.
65 quid including p+p to holland :)
Oonly the crap foam swimmer need to be replaced/swaped.
(65 will land from my side even for other 'dark side MGF accessories')

Dieter Koennecke

Thanx Mike & Dieter,

Did all checking of power and stuff, and it's definetely the pump itself. It was quite a drag to find the relay though (I got some German version of the books with the car, but there is no such thing in there as a reference to any electrical relay/fuse regarding the fuel pump).

Anyway, started phoning around yesterday and found a Rover-dealer who wanted to sell me a second-hand one for 100NLG (which should be about 30-35 GBP), so I guess that's the best deal I'll get for it.

Sorry Dieter, no deal with me this time, thanx a lot for your response though. Curious about your other 'dark side MGF accessories)!


thanks in any way for the second hand price verification. I'll decrease for the next offer :))

Related to the pump change.
Will you try it yourself ? It's the most crap work I ever did at the car. Hydragas works is a game related to the fuel pump change.
If so than be very careful with the thin wire and swimmer. It's important not to bend it at your broken pump if you pull it out. You can than compare it's angles and direction with the second hand pump and bend this in the same manner.
After screwing off the large thread ring the pump will stick in the tank hole cause of the sealings force. Cereful release it upwards, but do not turn the pump!!. If released from the sealing it will automatic lift for about 5cm cause of two coil springs on the mechanic. When you pull it out, then you will see the wire swimmer problem in any way.

Guess you have the old fueltank from before 1998 ?
Than it's not so difficult to re-assemble. On the new tank is ine wall blocking the swimmer if wrong assembled.
Put some 'soap' to the rubber sealing to getting in the pump into the sealing.

The direction of the rectangle connetion pipes should swow in line with the tank direction.

If all works are carried out right than the sender unit will hopefully show the right tank contents. If not... The same procedure from the beginning after having bended the swimmer wire in this or that direction.

Some affiliated pictures are @

Good luck
PS for the dark side overview ;-)
Dieter Koennecke

Hi guys,

Well, took a bit of time, but I got it fixed over the weekend.

Since you told me this is a real crap job, I went to my dealer and I watched the engineer there do it :-)

Didn't want to get caught breaking something else by fixing this thing.

Anyway, finally can go test my K&N now (fuel pump died after driving 5 miles with the K&N fitted on)

Let me put my smile on already !!


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