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MG MGF Technical - Fuel running out faster.

My mpg has now dropped to 270mile on a full tank. The car is a standard 1.8imk2 on 16” wheels and serviced/checked every 6 months, and now with 16K on the clock. After 18 months (from new) the miles per tank has steadily being dropping from an acceptable high of 320 miles/ tank.

1) Can my mpg improved?
2) Are there any specialist garages who can help?
3) What is the “optimum” revs/gears. for the best fuel economy (just for test purposes!)?

The car does runs beautifully, so I’ve been reluctant to “fix” this to date.

From previous threads, I know to expect a large difference in total mpg in MGF’s engines and from peoples driving styles. My issue, is my style has been pretty stable over the last 18 months, and yet there is huge difference in mpg. Current daily driving is a 24 mile round trip to work (30 mins each way on a mixture 30-40mph on pretty clear roads).
I’d be interested in any ideas and experiences of others who've succeeded on this.

Best wishes,

Well the current weather is not going to help for a start, but I have noticed my car seems to have increased in fuel consumption since my last service (24k). However, I am wondering if cleaning or replacing the spark plugs may be an idea. :-s
Paul Lathwell

Hi Francis,

270 miles sounds too low to me!

I have been getting around 330 miles, but now I am hitting around 375 miles / tank with my 97 VVC. [My car is on 11k miles]

I rev moderately around at 4000rpm.

I do some motorway driving, but most mostly city urban driving.

I would suggest you to look at:

1) Spark plugs
2) How about an oil change to 'full synthetic' for example I am using Castrol SLX.
3) New Oil filter
4) And no red lining too often :)

Well, that's all I know.. hope it helps.

Good luck!
Hanah Kim


Are you sure your driving has been consistent? I've only had my F for a couple of months, but the more I drive it, the higher the revs stay!

I'm starting to get through the petrol pretty quickly, but I think I'm still getting more miles than you report.

Drat. I do drive normally under 5K revs. I already have fully synthetic oil (mobile1), and the car is regularly serviced! Can changing the spark plugs really make such a difference?

Are there different "types" of spark plugs you can fit ... or are they always tied to Rover parts (for waranty reasons etc.).

The only possibly odd thing I could add, is that when driving in 2nd gear at about 2.8K revs (30 mph) at a contanst speed... then no matter how carefully/smoothly/ gently you take your foot of the gas peddle, there is always a jerk from the car/engine (as if the engine splutters - and any passenger thinks I've blipped the brake suddenly, which I haven't). Cannot explain why this happens at all. Any ideas greatfully received!

Best wishes


you could use any plugs as long as the heat range is the same as the original.

Got 3 types for the 1.8i

Splitfire double platinum-SF392B
Splitfire triple platinum-TP392B
Beru Silverstone-S3F.

Try pressing the clutch before releasing the accelerator or doing both at the same time. That way engine braking will not take effect.

in addition, does your F has the standard air filter? If it does, check whether the filter element need a cleaning or replacing. Then check the air passage from the filter box to the plenum chamber. Your car may be running too rich due to blocked air passage.
Or it may not.

Hope this helps.

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