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MG MGF Technical - Fuel Smell, any ideas please?

Hi Guys, any ideas with this one please, although i suspect a garage visit coming on! anyway, MGF MK2 2000- bad fuel smell when driving slow, window down or roof off? also when stopped and returned to car, strong smell of petrol again inside. Ive had a look around and can't see any leaks anywhere, and also engine compartment doesnt really smell of fuel when opened? it also seems quite intermittant with the severity of smell too. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

mine does to, was told that mgf's have this problem. It's usually down to a faulty fuel pump or tank
ll little

Not _usually_, but some though.
Other do smell since some _specialist_ bolted his ICE equipment with long screws behind the seats ;-)

Anyway, the problem could also relate to a loose hose clamp at the tank breather connection, or kinked hose at the filler neck (between filler and tank).

Often the metal plate behind the seats is poor sealed against the body.

Anyway, I put a little of my own exeperiance to this site.
(Problem solved without tank change at my second MGF)


Thanks Dieter, will have a look round. Where is the breather connection? is it on the filler pipe assembly? and I presume I access to this is from the engine bay?

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