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MG MGF Technical - Fuel starvation/evaporation problem

Hi, Can someone please help me out with a serious re-occurring problem?
My 1800 MGBGT has been restored with the following:
New plugs, electronic ignition, coil, leads, fuel pump, in-line fuel filter, twin K&N air filters, carb floats and valves, carb shafts and butter-flys, carb gaskets and fuel pipes.
Yesterday started first time after being garaged for 4 months. Went out today for 25 minutes normal drive and it spluttered and died. I have a set of those plastic connectors that fit between lead and spark plug and showed good spark. Took plugs out and bone dry. Plenty of fuel to carb so pump and petrol flow working. Luckily Pub over the road so had meal and returned to car and it started OK. Drove for 20 minutes and same again - leave to cool down and started OK. On way home noticed that if I tried to accelerate hard it would splutter but if I gently pressed the pedal it would climb up to 4,500 rpm with no signs of spluttering.
Last year I had the same problem and I spent some time getting the floats the correct height and took it to Norfolk covering 500 miles with no problems, so why now? The carbs are HS4, I think, the ones with the built-in float chamber not the separate float chamber on the side. I also have a tubular manifold which is wrapped so little heat generated and I have new heat shield fitted. It does seem to indicate fuel evaporation when hot but why?
Any ideas would be very much appreciated
Pete Dyble

Sorry, put on wrong page, should have been on MGB Technical and now moved.
Pete Dyble

This thread was discussed on 07/04/2015

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