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MG MGF Technical - fueling issue, any advise please

Hi got my mgf 1.8i 97/98 reg recently,there was next to no fuel in her so drove to garage put 15 quid in her drove back, went to work in her next day but struggled low down the rev range then i dipped cluch gave her some higher revs and she went, got another 15 quids worth of feul then she would not start then after 5 mins she did but with same problem low revs very rough then dipped clutch again and higher revs of she went . next day just would not start, the pump buzzez in as it should so took plugs out a little wet with petrol put new ones in, changed fuel filter, but still nothing. does anyone have an idea, as connections seem fine. thankyou for your time cheers scott
s parkin

Those symptoms would also tie up with a weak spark - the HT leads and the distributor cap are often the cause. If you crank the engine with one plug removed & earthed to the head you should see a strong, blueish spark, anything less i.e. weak, inconsistent or reddish then that is more likely to be the reason. A new cap & rotor arm (OE spec is recommended) and new HT leads (magnecor are the preferred option) are good investments on any K series engine.

Thanks for the info Bandit, finally got the leads an dizzy cap/rotar arm replaced. she fired up and drove but was spluttering in the process. Could it be possible that the drop of fuel that was left in the car when i got it was bad as had been off road for a while and me adding to the fuel has contaminated it. im going to have the fuel flushed out and put fresh in to see, is there any other solutions any one can think of. cheers scott.
scott parkin

Running the tank very low will allow any crud in the bottom to enter the fuel system, but since you've changed the filter that shouldn't be a factor. Does the splutter seem like just one cylinder dropping occasionally, or more than one? A strong dose of injector cleaner would be my next step, as it should dissolve any waxy deposits that may have formed on the injectors while the engine has been unused - never seen this on a K series, but a couple of times on other cars.

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