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MG MGF Technical - Fuse for fuel pump?

Yesterday my 'F refused to start - but not due the usual causes - this time the fuel pump did not come on. I could not hear the usual noise of it pressurising the system when the key is first turned.
Later, after checking the fuses, the pump worked and the car started.
My question is which fuse covers the fuel pump, and what else does this fuse cover (so if it happens again I can check to see if realy is a bad connection on the fuse!)


somewhere in the depths of one of the 'starting' threads someone does mention which one it is: I think they said seond from right in the fuse box under the bonnet - but check, I'm not sure. The handbook calls it 'engine management system' - but there are three fuses so marked.


Jason, the fuse for the fuelpump relay is fuse 14 under dash,top row second one in , it could be a faulty/sticking relay .The under bonnet fuse controls the inertia switch/alarm which is not ignition switch fed. check fuse 20 which is a 10 amp fuse on the rh side of the fuse box in a vertical row second one up, this also feeds fuse 14.(as well as 13 and 15 which are for wipers and air con if fitted)The relay 'module'is situated at the back of the main ECU (it also contains the starter,oxygen sensor and main relay)on the lh side of the engine bay,this a sealed unit and will be supplied as one unit, unless you want to take a sharp instrument to it and disect it! Check the multi connector to this as well, the smaller of the two by releasing the two 8mm screws holding the ECU to the bulkhead.It could also be a sign that the fuel pump is on its way out.Alternatively check into your local auto electrician.
Regards Mike


I had the exact same problem as you but it happened when I was driving and the engine cut out. Turned out the supply to the fuel pump failed and hence to fuel to engine. I spent weeks trying to find out what the root cause was but was unsuccessful. What I did was hard wire a supply straight to ign with a switch on the supply. I leave the switch in the open position (ie original wiring) and only cut in the supply if the fuel pump fails. When it originally happened I was 100 miles away from home and needed towed back ! I am still none the wiser as to what the fault was but its working okay now.

David Law

There is an inertia swich in the engine bay which cuts the fuel pump in the event of a crunch. The Trophy racers have also found they can trip when you run over a rumble strip. It's possible that bumpy roads could also cause it to trip. The details of where it is and how to reset it are in the handbook.

Alan B

Thanks for the advice, Now at least I know which fuses to check if it happens again!
Since this one occurence though it not happened again, so I am inclined to think it really was a bad connection on the fuse! (I am still keeping my fingers crossed though!!!)
Jason Harris

This thread was discussed between 10/01/2001 and 11/01/2001

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