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MG MGF Technical - Garage removed my volumetric sensor???

A couple of weeks ago i took my f into the garage to get a problem with the alarm fixed, they sorted it out saying it was a problem with the central locking, yesterday when i was fitting my K&N i noticed a loose wire behind the t-bar that i had not seen before and now notice this is what the volumetric sensor is supposed to be plugged in to!
Could the garage have removed it?
What should i do?
Could it have been removed when the car was in Japan for a year (it is a UK car - i know)?

Was the car originally intended for the Japaneese market? If so it will have no volumetric alarm fitted but the wiring will be in place should you ever want to fit it.

Bruce Caldwell

The car was bought in the UK, but the previous owners took it to japan when they moved jobs.


Things do not add up here

On the logbook does it say imported on date ????

It sounds like it may be an import - did you know the previous owners ???

Or did you take their word for it - Its just that it would be far cheaper to buy an F in Japan than to ship a used UK one there and back ???

SEEMS STRANGE -unless they have too much money and wanted to waste some of it??

I May be wrong!!

You should be able to tell if the garage have removed the sensor by looking/feeling behind the centre of the T bar - with the rear shelf carpet and soundprrofing removed you will be able to peer or maybe just feel behind into the gap where the sensor sits - you will certainly be able to see the two speed nuts which the sensor screws to - if there are no screws then the sensor is not there!
Jason H
Jason H

I have it in writing from the garage it is a UK car and belonged to the wife of someone high up in rover MD or something
I had a feel around in that area and could feel nothing
It's a uk logbook with no imported date and uk service stamps and invoices.

If you set the alarm with your roof down, and then reach into the car to pick something off the seat, the alarm should go off.....this seems an easy test to see if the alarm is working - if not either the unit is missing or faulty. It is not a big job taking off the T bar to have a look.


Remember to connect the wiring back up before you test it!
Jason H

There is a good reason why cars for the Japanese market don't have the volumetric sensor. Maybe the previous owner had to remove it from the car to be allowed to enter Japan. For example all used Japanese cars that are imported into Cyprus must have their radios immediately removed because they pick up police frequencies.

Spyros Papageorghiou

>>There is a good reason why cars for the Japanese market don't have the volumetric sensor. Maybe the previous owner had to remove it from the car to be allowed to enter Japan.

This is what i thought?
how much is the replacement sensor?
is there a part number?
would i need test book to install it?

I don't know the number or price. Dieter has some info in his site try . Maybe you can find the part from a breaker from damaged MGF.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Due VIN number you need the old or the new one. I guess the old one cause of the Jap. import early car?

The new one can be converted to the old car with additional harness part.
So far the official stuff.

I just sold my second hand new version sensor to Jason (30 quid) the other week.

He might have additional information related to the harness, cause my sensor did not just fit. I sent him a piece of wiring as well and as far as I know he only cutted off the connector to the sensor.

Testbook visit is required in any way.

Dieter Koennecke

Jason H

As Dieter said I fitted his spare sensor to my Jap import a few weeks ago. I discovered there have been 3 different sensors fitted as original to Fs, with the first model having a different connector to the later ones. However neither of the first two models are available as a replacement part from Rover - they now have a fourth model which replaces both the 2 earlier sensors.
(Still with me?)
If you have an early car (like mine) then in order to fit this new replacement sensor you will also need an extra wiring connector loom to fit between your connector and the new sensor!
The sensor costs around 80 and the extra loom around 15.
After I fitted mine it worked straight away but the sensitivity was too low so the car had to go to Rover to have the sensitivity adjusted on Testbook (took 1/2 hour).
(One word of warning - many of my local dealers did not have this info to hand as they rarely sell these sensors and did not have that section of their electronic parts catalogue updated!)
Refitting a sensor should not be a problem, good luck.
Jason H
Jason H

When i bought the car i could not get the sensor working so i told the garage to ensure that it was working, they wrote this on my invoice so i should be able to get them to get it fixed.

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