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MG MGF Technical - Garages? K&N filter kit

I want an K&N filter kit fitted. Does anyone have know of a good, compitent garage in the Stourbridge, Halesowen, Birmingham area who would do the job well.

Can't help with a garage, but I have just fitted one myself and it is a doddle. The instructions with the K&N are good, and ally that to the instructions available on Rob Bell's, Paul Lathwell's sites it shouldn't take more than an hour to do. I was reluctant and asked on the BBS for garages and got persuaded to DImyself. It was good advice.

Hope this is of some help

David Mills

gotto agree with david, it is easy. and save your self a few quid aswell.

apart from that i can't help sorry

John, it is a doddle, If all else fails, I'll do it for you ;)

Steve Childs

Yup, DIY is easy, even I can do it. Most of it is removing the old air box.

Note: When you remove the engine cover watch out for the sharp strip of metal under the tbar as many people (including me) have cut themselves on it while removing the cover bolts. A bit of insulation tape over this strip of metal may help you avoid injury.

If you have one of Tom's brackets it is better to not route the cold air pipes through the resonance box as per the normal instructions, but to run them directly across the engine bay making sure they are not getting in the way of anything or are too close to the exhaust.
Tony Smith

Thanks folks. I will have a go

Thanks particularly Steve.

Of course doing it yourself also helps you to learn a little more about the F so it's no bad thing really and as others have said it really is quite simple. As Dave said I have instructions on my website on how to gain acces to the engine (plenty of piccies too) and Rob's guide to K&N fitment is very good as I remember. :)

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Paul Lathwell

This thread was discussed on 05/04/2001

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