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MG MGF Technical - Gas problems

I've got a problem when ever filling gas! The fuel pump stops after every 5 og 6 liters like it should do whenever the tank is full. Is there some air problems or has anybody been in the same situation ?

Steve :)
Steve G

Steve, apparently if you rotate the fuel nozzle to the right, so that the fuel enters the pipe at an angle and not straight down, this might fix it.

I've never had that problem myself, but that is what I've heard other people suggest.


Steve Childs

Search the archive for a post by Norman Lorton, Posted 01 October 2000 at 18:43:16 UK time.

I keep meaning to try and sort mine out but haven't got round to it yet - but I coppied Normans post for when I do!
Jonathan Bradshaw


Had this problem on an imported F I got via the UK forces overseas (car sourced in Germany to UK spec), not sure if that had any thing to do with it, but my other 2 F's were UK registered and didn't seem to suffer.

Anyway the way I discovered which seemed to work was holding the gun so that the trigger was kind of pointing towards the car, like the gun was spun round 180 degress. This meant the curved section of the gun was able to get the fuel straight in? Seemed to work though. Terrible description but do you know what I'm getting at?

Neil, that was what I was saying, you think your description was bad!

Steve Childs

There is a bit in the owner's handbook about fuel-filling - basically says don't put the nozzle all the way in: tried that?

Ed Clarke


In my situation, it actually depends on what service station I go to. At Texaco I never have a problem. Esso works quite ok to. At BP stations I just slightly have to rotate the nozzle and Shell stations seem to be the worst: I really have to rotate the nozzle 180 degrees.

But, in short: from experience I can tell you that, as Steve Childs and Neil pointed out, rotating the nozzle simply does the trick.


Depending on the age of your car (doesn't it always!), it could be a twisted filler or breather pipe.

Quite straightforward to fix, from what I remember.

Have a search in the archive, and I'm sure you'll find the threads I remember being there from the past...

Good luck


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