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MG MGF Technical - Gear knob


Just wondering if it is an easy job to replace the gear knob. Ive got a 97 vvc with the standard black leather one and want to put a momo chrome and leather one on, as sold in halfords.
Is it as simple as pulling off the existing and pushing on the new?

Also I need a cd player as its only got the standard radio casette.

Is it as simle as using a metal wire 'key ' thing to remover the old one and plug in the new one?


It's a doddle to replace the gear knob. The original just unscrews. The Halfords Momo item (very similar to, and costs the same as the official MG item) I think is attached with a grub screw - so simply slots over the existing lever.

Regarding the removal of the standard stereo, then the answer is yes - it comes out with those bent bits of wire called a stereo removal tool! ;o)

Rob Bell

>Is it as simple as pulling off the existing and pushing on the new?
well make that screwing off the old and the new will come with three grub screws and and a allen key
10 mins max

>Is it as simle as using a metal wire 'key ' thing to remover the old one and plug in the new one?
Again yes, and then it will leave an outside metal jacket, fold back the triangular tabs and remove
place in the new jacket and fold out the triangular tabs and slide the radio in ( the wireing should be the same)

the unit will not fit, this is because the wireing gets caught behind the unit, if you pull strongley on the bottom of the central airvent (the souround, not the fins) it will pop out and leave you with lots of visability and access to move the wires, simply push back in to replace.

Will Munns

when changing gear knob worth thinking about is sawing off thread part, or a bit more off gear stick to shorten as quite a few of us have done,makes a big difference, Dave T6DCM.
DC Morris

Thanks everyone.
nice one!


If you're thinking about getting a CD multi-changer, I fitted the Kenwood 6 CD unit into the glove box of my F last weekend.

Fit it with the brackets fixed to the roof of the glovebox to ensure easy access.

It took 15 minutes to do, and then about 30 minutes to get the *&%$@ glove box screwed back into the facia.

Well worth it though!

Sam Murray

Cheers Sam.
Nice idea but the missus reckons she need the space! - tissues, purses, and the usual handbag rubbish.


Does anyone know if and how you replace the trim around the base of the gear stick?

Ive seen a pic of an alloy circular rim and it looks cool.
Can it be easily fitted diy and any idea how much they are.

the allow circle comes as standard on the MY2000 cars.

thanks mike.

Any idea how much it is and if it can be easily fitted to 97 models


The alloy ring is part of the MY2K fascia and to fit the ring, you need to fit the fascia (the mating surfaces are shaped to fit). This can be done and isn't too pricey. Mike Satur (linked from this website) pioneered this, but i believe others (like Brown and Gammons) can now offer these items as well.

If you are after some ideas, why not pop along to the Essex Roadsters meeting this Thursday. From 7:30pm at the Half Way House, junction of the A127 and A128.

Scarlet Fever

cheers mate.

ill check out the web sites now.

This thread was discussed on 13/01/2003

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