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MG MGF Technical - gear knob badge

hi i have a wood momo gear knob on my f and the centre badge has gone i have looked on the internet but cannot find a replacement has anyone had the same experience and where can i get one? thanks richard

Hi Richard,

MOMO only supplied the gear pattern sticker to MGR, and sadly it's not available for purchase separately. And rest assured, we've tried...

Halfords sell or can order in MOMO logo'd stickers the right size to cover the space, or you can use solvent to clean off the glue and pretend it's supposed to look like that ;o)
Mike Hankin

ebay sell "original MGR" ones cheap.
I picked one up last month for 15+p&p.
Ok, so it's quite expensive for a sticker... but I'm sure you could pass your old one on (via ebay!) for at least a tenner! :)

Paul Nothard

Having found that various adhesives don't work, I have now epoxyed the sticker to the gear lever!!! Hopefully that should do the trick...

Richard - I've been fortunate in that every time the sticker has fallen off, I've been able to find it again by rooting around under the seats/ carpet etc. Unless you've vacuumed the carpets recently, chances are that you still have the gear selector label in the car somewhere!
Rob Bell

Mine too has become detached on a couple of occasions, but I've always managed to find it again. I tried re-gluing with superglue to no avail. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the Araldite, Rob. As a non smoker I think I'll keep my sticker in the ashtray for the moment!

Superglue is over rated; it only works well if it can key into a surface and it is brittle once set, so the join is easily strained.

If you can't be bothered to mix up tiny amounts of epoxy, try a contact adhesive. Coat both surfaces thinly, wait 5 minutes then press them together and it's there for life.


I thought someone reported he found who made this patterns and how they were available. If so, it must be in the archives.

Have a look in the Archives of MGF General with both search terms: MOMO pattern

This is the one I mentioned: (copy&paste)

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