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MG MGF Technical - Gear Knob removal

This is I am sure a very basic question, but I would like to know the way to remove the gear shift knob. It is not that I want to replace it (at this stage anyway) but the knob currently fitted seems to have turned to an angle, unless the previous owner preferred it this way !!!.

I just want to be able to loosen or remove so I can place it back on straight, and I can't see any external fixing screw etc. ?

Am sure this is a simple question but can anyone offer some advice ?

Also, does anyone rate some of the 'shortening' after market gear shifts available ?
Andrew Northcott

I suspect you are joking.
If not - it just screws on so try turning it.Anticlockwise to remove it, clockwise to tighten it, whilst sitting in the drivers seat.
I should have the SHORT SHIFT fitted by somone else if I were you.

Tim,thanks but I was not joking. My technical ability is not A1 but I did try the bleedin' obvious ! I guess I just need to try a little harder but was somewhat apprehensive of using too much brute force.

Thanks again

Andrew Northcott

Before looking at getting a quick shift kit fitted try fitting a different gear knob - I did and was amazed at the difference in the feel of the shift. Momo make several ball shaped knobs that sit about an inch + lower than the standard Rover one.

Regards Tim
Tim Sheppard

>>Also, does anyone rate some of the 'shortening' >>after market gear shifts available ?

Andrew, read the thread on Quickshifts - a bit further down this BBS.



What sort of knob have you got (sounds a bit personal but suspect you get my meaning). If it is one of the MG round wood or leather ones, then there is an ali collar at the base of the knob that is first removed to reveal the nylon thread that secures the unit to the gear stick.

If however you do have one of this round jobbies then you should be able to twist the top to align the knob.


Patrick - with a round wooden one!

according to the gear knob removal I added some pictures to the side
see row 20. on what you'll find after screwing off the knob.

PS sorry, the most of other pictures do not work recently. The account is 'full', I need to move :)

>I suspect you are joking. If not - it just screws on so try turning it. >Anticlockwise to remove it, clockwise to tighten it, whilst sitting in the drivers >seat.

Not necessarily - it depends on what gear knob is fitted. Fine if it's the basic standard plastic/rubber moulded knob, but the round wood jobbie type are not as straight forward, simply turning this type would not unscrew the knob from the gear shift. If I remember correctly, for this type you unscrew the metal collar at the base of the knob then turn the exposed nylon part of the knob. It'll probably be neessary to use a pair of pliers (or similar) to do this. HTH.
Paul Lathwell

This thread was discussed on 07/03/2000

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