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MG MGF Technical - Gear Knobs

In this country of hot (and sometimes cold) weather, I got very upset with my gear knob. Its too hot to touch in Summer and too cold in winter. Ok its a replacement from France, looks great and is good, but the downside is that its metal. Can anyone recommend a decent gear change knob on a Nike Satur MK1 gear change linkage. There's tons out there and it would be nice to know what people have generally gone for, if any as they probabley still use the original.


A company called MOMO make some nice ones. I went for one that is half leather and half metal so it doesnt get too hot (

Hope this helps

J Price

I have a 160 TF and have either feared frost bite or searing when I grab the gear stick. At the moment I have a tea towel casually drapped over it, but may devise a little bootie instead!

You have to wonder what rocket scientist ever thought a metal gear nob was a good idea in an open car! We have the Rover round wooden one it is fine in all weathers - need some care with the metal top in bright Sun but then just cover it with the hat on parking!
Patrick Beet

The MOMO knobs (sorry Patrick but I'm too old to miss off the K) are amazing quality but at a price. I cut my gear lever down by 'thread plus one cm) and purchased a MOMO knob in alloy and black leather - so far I have hidden the 53 card receipt from Halfords. The slightly shoddy option was to drill out the existing leather covered knob and glue it on. The slightly more expensive option was an SSK2.
John Ponting

I find a short sock a stylish solution to the problem. :o)
tim woolcott

doesn't it smell a bit in the sun?
John Ponting

How does wearing one short sock keep ya MOMO warm anyway?


You probably don't want to know Stu...
Rob Bell

girly suggestion, put a golf driver cover/animal on it!!

and where can i get an MG logo to replace he palstic Momo one on my air/leather 'knob'?

Got my logo from the boot lid of an MGF in Sainbury's car park. Needed it to match the valve caps that I collected recently :-)
John Ponting

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