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MG MGF Technical - gear lever

hi it may soud stupid but how does the gear knob come off does it just screw off,and does anybody know how to lose the exssesive play on the gear leaver without buying the expensive kit ? thanks alan
a shields

Just screw off if it's a standard MGF.

Strong grip and some torque (Popeye muscles) required though. ;)

Ooops, first read, then think then write.

Forgot the second part.
Cured the rattly gearstick syndrome with adding a thin sheet metal 0.5mm between sliding block and assy frame.
Other images and mpg files here. Scroll to to the middle of this page.

Aswell have a look to the ball joints at the gearbox. B&G sell the rear bracket with strong ball joints (as part of the SSK)

The same disussion was a couple of days? ago. Might be worth searching the recent archive threads

This thread was discussed on 22/03/2006

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