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MG MGF Technical - Gear lever self centre?

gear knob MGF, P-reg has just had it gear cable snap. (136, 000 miles)
Had it replaced. (
Mick F

Sounds as though the cables have been badly adjusted. The 'spring' is in the gearbox and the lever should self centre if not loaded. I would disconnect the cables at the gearbox end and adjust the ends whilst the lever is positioned centrally.

Thanks for your swift reply. It is as I suspected. It is very useful to know where the springs are. At least I have a bit of 'ammunition' when I complain! (more confidence!)

Only got it back this evening, so I will be on the phone tomorrow.

Probably badly adjusted, or cables snagging/ binding.

Mick F


I replaced the same cable myself for around 40, but given the hassle of stripping out most of the interior trimming and getting the cable through a closing plate at the bottom of the engine compartment, I'd say yours was money well spent: Except the mine was adjusted right first time.

Christopher Marshall

This thread was discussed between 11/01/2005 and 12/01/2005

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