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MG MGF Technical - Gear Problems

I am having probelems with the gearbox on my 1998 MGF VVC. Somtimes I have all gears avalable and then I only have 2nd, then shortly after all gears "appear" again...anyone got any suggestions as to what this might be? There is no noise and I do not recall noticing any other problems or changes before this happened.

Thanks for your help

Hi Kelly,

Has the gearbox oil level been checked? Is there any evidence of a leak around either driveshaft? There doesn't have to be much of a leak for the gearbox to run dry, which may be the cause. The oil MGR used was designed to be 'lifetime', i.e. to never need changing, but reports are that sometimes an oil change can cure gear selection problems.
Mike Hankin

Hi Kelly,

Happened to me last year, try this link:

If it is, the current price for the part is about 4.00, and it takes 2 minute to fix.


Graham Martin

This thread was discussed on 01/02/2007

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