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MG MGF Technical - Gear Select cable long v.s short

My 1998 F is in the garage to have the gear select cables replaced after one snapped. However, they are having difficulty getting hold of them.

Looking at Dieters EPC I can see the pair of cables ULS100060 (Long) and ULS100070 (Short). However there is also a shorter short one ULS000010, which is 8.5cm shorter.

Q1 - Which short one do I need?
Q2 - Any tips where to get them from?

Steve Ratledge

When mine went last time, I was told the TF has shorter cables than the F. Cables generally supplied to dealers by X-part, who order them in batches. If your dealer can't get one, he might just not be trying very hard so try Mike Satur. He came up trumps for me.


Or maybe Victoria at the MGF centre can help

Stu Dickens

Yap, MGF is ULS100070
The other is mgtf ULS000010.

You could use ULS000010 if you buy additional parts, as the gear bracket at the gearbox shaft. I think the cable bracket is required also, but I never got confirmed whether that's right or wrong. :(

You could see the difference here (TF) (MGF)

Mike Satur knows the parts and I think the other suppliers also, as mentioned above.


This thread was discussed on 30/07/2007

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