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MG MGF Technical - Gear Selector failure

Hi i suspect my Head gasket is on the way out... So my gearbox has gone faulty in sympathy !!. The gear stick has lost "Feel" goes into gear once but unable to select gears, just been towed home. Breakdown man was able to put into neutral by tugging arms the cable connect to ?. Do these cables fail or is it an internal failure many thanks
Dave Smyth 1

If its like mine (98 1.8i), then there are 2 calbes from the gear stick going all th way to the back of the car to the gearbox. Maybe one of the cables has popped off its mounts.

Look from behind and underneath the car.
There will be 2 round connectors at the gearbox.
See if they are both on.


Hi Branko,

Cables are in place the forward & Reverse motion is in free play. Just been quoted 100 per cable !! so now will attempht removal just been checking the archives anyone recomend another source would br gratefull thanks

Dave Smyth 1


Have a look on Rob Bell's website at.....

Select the top right DIY options and work your way down to the gear cable/selector option - you should find this useful.

Thanks tony,
The tip's were very handy removed cable just need to get hold of a new one albeit took a little more then 2 1/2 hrs. The cars at 45 degrees,at the moment as ramps were required due to entry postion of cables into car. luckly the car was parked when it broke The patience of a saint is required for job !!
Dave Smyth 1

Hi Dave
Wait till you try and fit the new one. Fiddly aint the word.
clive heenan

very true clive i cursed the car.. which is the best ?
1 the cable entry plate
2 the collar plate for the cable's
3 the black hole beneath gear stick

Works well now, i would suggest to owners to grease the ball joint's for the two cables at bottom of the gearbox. Just push back the rubber gaitor apply a small amount.The dealer made me laugh "Computer says three " But none on the shelf. mg spares wernt very helpfull. the cable for forward / backward movement is known as the "Gear selector" Mine failed .The sideways motion "Gate selector" Because of uncertainty i went to a "dealer" gear cable is shorter and runs under box
Dave Smyth 1

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