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Changin gears ( even from neutral to first) is becomming very difficult. I need to really pull or push the stick to change gear.

I was adviced to check the oil level of the gearbox and indeed: i had about 50% of the gearbox oil left .

Somehow the gearbox oil level dropped dramatically , is this normal after +- 55000 miles?

Anyway, a mechanic filled the gearbox oil reservoir to the maximum ( added 1,2 litters of oil) BUT the gearbox is still "sticky" in a way that you need to pull it like crazy to change gear.

Any suggestions?
Hans Cortoos

Common in any way, that the gearbox oil needs to be checked. My old MGF had a loss as well after 50k km.

Though if you need a new gearbox, then I can sell my second hand gearbox (1.8i only).
Dieter Koennecke

Hi all,
IMO there is usually no loss of gearbox oil (if there isn´t a regulare leak/seal problem of course !) . The main problem is that on all MGF´s I have had the chance to look at / speak to the owners the original factory fill-up has been very sparse !! As said in an earlier thread some years ago on this BBS - check the gearbox oil and after at least 2 years of driving change to synthetic oil. Gearchanges will be noticably better ! The oil should be a GL4 type BUT some synthetic brands do label GL4 / GL5 and this is also fine. Stay clear of ordinary non-synthetic oil labeld "GL 5" as this oil is intended for hypoid cut gears and contains a bit too much additives that can affect the syncromesh gear rings and worsen the gearchange even more ! I am now on my 5´th year with syntetic gearbox oil and the gearchanges are very slick - despite a very short gearstick..

Regards , Carl.

Could there be an other reason for the blocking gearbox? ( damage to mecanical parts or gearbox settings-tuning? )

You would expect that an oil refill solves the problem but it didn t.



Hi Hans,
are You sure it is the gearbox? Might as well be a clutch -related problem. Hard gearchanges ( with normal working gearchange linkage) is often due to the clutch not diss-engaging fully. This makes the life hard for the syncromesh and gives a stiffness to the gearchange. The problem could even be related to the clutch cylinder and release cylinder at the gearbox end. Air in the system ?

Regards , Carl.

How does one check and change the gearbox oil?



Perhaps the cable gets stuck somewhere (could be the "tube" where it slides in ?)

Ivan Meersman

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