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MG MGF Technical - Gearbox improvments


Has anyone had Mike Satur's SSK 3 gear shift modification installed? If so, is it any good and is it hard to install? Given that my TF's gearchange doesn't like to be rushed (I immagine they all do that), I'm considering getting one, I think they're around 175 + VAT.


Got the SSK 2.........fab. probably the most noticable 'feel' thing you can do to the car.
You'll be changing gear just to feel it click in.

I'd get it installed.....unless you really like stripping out your console and transmition tunnel.
( done mine 3 times in the last month..bored now )


cue the ' why not saw the top two inches off your stick' people....... ;o)

Yeah get the hacksaw out ;-)


if you want to have a feel of one get down to the Essex Roadsters meet. A few of the cars have them fitted. Theres two meets a month, first Thursday of the month at the Dick Turpin A127 and third Thursday at the Halfway House A127 (that'll be the 20th). Very friendly bunch of girls and guys. Good selection of cars with most mods covered, would give you plenty of ideas if nothing else. We even get some 'super' cars turn up. Last meet we had a TVR and Marcos make a loud appearance.

Richard P

Never tried the SSK 3 although have tried his first one as part of the MG world gear shift test and there was not much difference between the Techspeed gear shift and the MS one although the Techspeed version is not really a DIY job as they upgrade the current parts unlike the SSK 3 which is a completely new gear shift unit.

Personally I am happy with my Techspeed gear shift with its shorter stick and improved feel and never even thought about the MS gear shift when I had it fitted.

Tom Randell

I have the SSK3. Brilliant, but I would get it fitted.

Now SSK1V ;-))

' why not saw the top two inches off your stick' people....... ;o)

Or do what I did and get a Momo or a Sparco gear knob which takes more of the Gearstick inside so it becomes shorter

Mike, your getting as bad as MS (MicroSoft) for bringing out new versions!


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