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MG MGF Technical - Gearbox noise

Morning all,

Having just had a shiny hardtop fitted at the MGF Centre (somehow a new air filter found it's way in at the same time...), I've noticed some noise from the gearbox.

Firstly, at idle with the box in neutral, there's a noticeable rattle. This disappears if the clutch is slightly depressed (i.e. before reaching full disengagement of the clutch).

Socondly, with a neutral throttle at about 2,000 rpm in top, there's quite a loud whining noise (maybe it wants to go faster!).

Is this normal & does anyone have any ideas what the problem(s) may be if not?


Morning Chris

The problem does sould 'gearbox related' Following on from Dieter's recent thread, I wonder what your gearbox oil level is?
Rob Bell

Don't know - not the easiest thing to check! Also, from reading the thread the other day it's not clear whether the level should be up to the filler hole or whether the gearbox should just hold a specific quantity of oil.

At present, as the car's still under warranty, I'm most concerned to find out whether there is a problem in the gearbox so that I can try to get MG Rover to fix it!


Chris, if the car is still under warranty, I'd take it back to the garage and point out the gearbox noise, and get them to check up the gearbox oil level.
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 07/03/2003

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