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MG MGF Technical - Gearbox oil change

1)It is my understanding that original service schedules did not require any oil change. Now its recommended to change it. True? At what interval?

2)Fully synthetic GL4 or GL5 is the best to go for?

3)I've seen descriptions of how to change the oil in the archives BUT has anyone produced a step by step guide with pictures on their website? If not, how about it? (I found the Magnecor lead and K&N fitment pages on sites very useful)

@ 1) don't think so, but check and filling is important IMO

@ 2) this is now high tech hyphoith (<-spelling ?) gearbox. GL4 but full synthetic might be enough.
I use
Castrol SMX-S 75W85

@ 3) dead easy job if you find anything to get the stuff in. :)
Drivers side, just above the resonator box
I've no more pictures, cause it's mad enough to poor the oil in. Restricted space as well.

Dieter K.

>Drivers side, just above the resonator box

Err, Co-driver side for the UK
Dieter K.

I've just printed off the service sheet that Dieter pointed me to. It indicates that the manual gearbox oil should be changed at 96k. I doubt very much whether my oil has been changed, so something else to do when I service the F.


The PG1 and PG2 gearboxes used on the F need MTF-94 gear oil,this was specially developed for this application.Unless my information is wrong I would stick with this if changing or topping up.It is not cheap so topping up might be better than changing.HTH.

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