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MG MGF Technical - Good-bye MGF and all of you

Dear all,

Just a quick note to say that I traded my MGF for another car yesterday. I'm sad to see it go and sad to be leaving the great MG community. If anyone on here buys or comes across N 750 YKP in the future, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks to everyone over the last 6 years for your unstinting help with MGF questions. Particular thanks, of course, to Rob, Andy and Will who it seems can always be relied on to answer a question, no matter how dumb or lawyerly (well, lengthy at least!). I hope that the enthusiasm that keeps this community and all the fabulous resources alive will continue undimmed for years.


C Golvala

Hi Chaz,

sad to see you go.
Did you own #525 Flame Red as first owner all the time since September 1995 on ?

Anyway, good luck with your new car !!


Hello Dieter. I knew I'd miss a key name if I tried to list people - I've used your website and your insight (!) so often in the last 6 years.

No, I was officially the 6th owner of VIN....525, but three of them were a company, its owner and the company again or something like that. The car started off as the Dutton Forshaw demonstrator, I believe. As VIN...525 makes it the 275th car to be made and the first 100 plus failed QC (either scrapped or went to become Japanese Cup car racers, I think) I hope that this is one of the earliest remaining on the roads.

Still flame red but with gentle and judicious mods made over time. In case anyone browses this as an archive: Techspeed lowered suspension; powerflex buses on dampers and rear tie bar, therefore running this BBS's favourite alignment settings; EBC discs and greenstuff pads in standard sizes but with braided hoses and servo support bracket; B&G exhaust downpipe replaced the original flexible section and will last forever; plain ferrari-style gear knob from Mike Satur, which lowers the height of the shift perfectly (PS this car always had the sweetest gear shift which was just beginning to feel too loose, but no need for a quick shift kit to correct a notchy change).

Definitely sad to see it go.


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