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MG MGF Technical - good gearbox oil?


i'm looking for a gearbox oil for my MY2001 mgf steptronic?!
Handbook only specifies the motor oil.Any ideas? I prefer the Castrol brand.
Any comments welcome.




The workshop manual says:

For Steptronic (EM-CVT) gearbox use (ELZ 799) Esso CVT or Unipart CVT for reffiling or topping up.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Hi Spyros,

thank you for the i get Castrol oils real cheap i'll to get Castrol CVT?!
ELZ 799 is the oil specification??
Another thing, as i am olny used to manual gearboxes and being quite curious about mechanical stuff in general, would anyone be so kind and explain to me how an auto geearbox functions / operates?! or indicate a link where i can read on. been surfing the web for info on ZF autoboxes(i heard that's the one's mounted on the mgf steptronic) but info is scarce.



this is no transmission gearbox oil but hydraulic oil.

ZF is the manufacturer. Works with a belt like the old DAF.

Unipart sureflow CVT fluid
EZL 799 Esso CVT fluid
- Dry fill 4.9 litres
- Service fill 4.5 litres (1 to 1.5 litres remains in the transmission during oil change)

Dieter Koennecke

Hi Dieter,

you're kidding right? with belts? Jesus, they used to use that sort of auto boxes back in the 80's and discontinued them due to unreliability. I thought something changed...
There's another guy on the forum with problems on his auto box that squals. Most probably will it be the belts and if so it will be quite expensive.
poor guy

Thanx dieter

For anyone who's interested follow this link on CVT autoboxes from ZF.

No gears in the box just two discs and they're connected by a "belt" most probably a rubber belt...
sounds like fun...
afraid of things i don't understand....

another question: has anyone the spec of the zf box on the MGF??

Sorry here's the link

Nice one.
But no specific details though.
Mmmm, can't you fill the form under 'aftermarket' with your cars details and just ask for a parts list ;)
I would tell them about beeing a student at any university at Lisboa.

I wonder what they will answer... LOL

Dieter Koennecke

Good idea dieter,

as i have a syudent id it shall be no problem.
Rover even does free service on students' mgf's : )
i'll see what i still come up with. anything interesting and i'll write it down.

the sun is back :)

>the sun is back :)

Errr !!! You should see just the Bad Hersfeld rain.
Bad Hersfeld is Sibiria of Hesse.... cold and lonesome ;)

Riding home to the rhine now.
Dieter Koennecke

poor dieter,

at least you got the german bear to hold on to.the portuguese ones suck :)

more info on cvt's:

that's it.

i know by now on MGF it's no rubber belt, it's a metal belt and the control is done electro-mechanically.

beer, sorry about that. :)

He, He, this afternoon was great sunshine at the rhine. Took off the hardtop and cruised along the rhine ... while the wife did the weekend shopping :)

Nice links !!
I think the look of the Honda Multimatic from the first link comes quite near to the ZF. Though the belt looks different but has the same shape in principal.
The reverse/foreward control is done at yours with a 'Planetengetriebe' (spelling?) and a small clutch. Lots of sensors and actuators inside as well.

Dieter Koennecke

>beer, sorry about that. :)

Blop,...just opened a 'Fruh Kolsch'
Cheers !!
Dieter Koennecke

i opened my mouth too soon.
it's raining today and freezing.
to wipe down my sorrow went to a german pub yesterday and had a couple of good pints...
you're making me jealous with the fruh kolsch!
about cvt's, it must be fun if any of these sensors go bad!
i love electronics, the more the better!


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