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MG MGF Technical - Goodridge Braided Hoses - Pants!

Cannot think of an expletive strong enough.

I've just started my Christmas F project: new pads, discs, (painting calipers) and *damn* hoses. Started on the front nearside...

Wondering how the new hoses were routed (since the lower shock mounts currently carry the oem hoses), I thought I'd search our splendid archive. Pants:

As Dave Rugby says, it seemed like an easy job... at the time ;-(

Bah, humbug!


PS Cider dulling the pain, have a great Christmas, y'all ;-)
Colin McIlwaine

Oh, and I'm on a poxy 56K dialup, so it might be while before I'm back.

In other news:

Bought axle stands, poxy MGR (or Renault) jack won't, er, jack her high enough to get the poxy, poxy axle stands under.

Received the infamous K&N bracket from Tom Randell during the week... as we like to say on this fair isle, he's some man for one man. Magnificent.

Halfords opened in Dublin this week. Woo hoo! Unfortunately it's staffed by imbeciles.

I've finally posted some pics to the XPower site... not for me, but to highlight the brilliant job Victoria, Bill and team did just before Silverstone...

Colin McIlwaine

>>>>Unfortunately it's staffed by imbeciles<<<

no difference there then!
Cecil Kimber

Poxy Halfrauds, same everywhere
Johan Slagter

manufacturer-supplied jacks are for emergency wheel-changing only, IIRC it says this (or used to) in the Safety information in the Driver information pack. A perfectly usable mini trolley jack can be bought from Makro for 9.99. HTH.
David S

My. A couple of weeks ago, there was a thread re: the effort required to remove brake discs. Boy, they weren't joking! God bless 5lb lump hammers ;-) One down, three to go...

... mmm, now have fire-engine red calipers with green stuff pads, it's lookin' kinda psychodelic (sp.) %-o

David S, yup, sorted with the trolley jack... Argos... unfortunately, I have to use the OEM jack to lift her high enough to get the trolly jack under... really must get the hydragas repumped.

Okay, back out to the lump hammer...

Nollaig Shona Duit,
Colin McIlwaine

I think (IIRC) that Clarke sell a ultra-low access Jack for very reasonable money - but is it too late for the letter to get to Santa in time? Hmm, probably...!!!
Rob Bell

No offence but as i have indicated on this site before, and as an x automotive technician !!! if you cannot figure out how to fit your goodridge hoses , then entrust it to someone who does. brakes are a safety item not for someone with limited knowledge to play with.
Regards and a happy xmas
R J Hemphill

>>>unfortunately, I have to use the OEM jack to lift her high enough to get the trolly jack under
===Ah, same problem here too Colin - I have 2 pieces of timber 6cm thick, 25cm wide and 70cm long, one end is cut at a shallow angle, I position these in front of the car and drive onto them, jack fits under then. Doubled up scaffold board would probably do the trick. HTH.
David S

Thanks for the replies everyone (and I trust you all had a good day yesterday!)

Robert, no offense taken :-/ I know *exactly* how to perform this task, indeed it is done, new discs, pads, calipers, fluid flush and *rear* Goodrigde hoses.

My original post was regarding the *routing* of the front hoses around the lower shock mounting and how an extra set of brackets is required to do this properly. Now, I could've removed the OEM brackets (and hoses), made up the difference with spacers (so as not to affect the lower lateral position of the dampers) and... hoped for the best that the Goodridge hoses didn't get snared on anything at an inopportune moment. Now *that* would've been foolish.


Colin McIlwaine

By the way, the other three discs virtually fell off... Murphy's law I picked the bad one first ;-)
Colin McIlwaine

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