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MG MGF Technical - Got SO2 on the front

Dear All

I have half joined the SO2 club, I got them for the front in 195/50/15.

However I have not had the tracking done, when I mentioned ride hide the chap side "I think you had better take it to Rover/MG. :) oh well atleast he was honest.

I was a bit worried when the junior mechanic got the locking wheel nut stuck in the wheel nut thingy(you know the thing I mean) they evenly sort it out and got both wheels on. Phew!!

On the way back some jackass pulled out in front of me and the wheels locked up, hmm I thought that SO2's are meant to be good in the wet! This could be because the tyres are new or because the tracking is out.

The price was 61 per tyre all in.

Well I'll have to get the back sorted out soon. But I have loads of tread. Here's to wheel spinning.




Dear all

Just to add that I phoned Sargent & Collins, they said that they would not pay any money towards the tyres as the car is too old and the milage too high.

N reg and 25,000 miles.





Brand new tyres are VERY slippery. I remember being scared sh*tless mt the braking on a brand new car. I complained to tha gargare and they patiently explained that new tyres are very slippery (agent to release tyre from mold?) and that they need to be treated gently as part of the run in.

I can confirm that once the tyres had 500 miles on them they were excellent.



PS OK I admit it was a new Rover 200 but can assure you that the braking is just excellent now!

PPS I am sure it is just an illusion caused by the F being lower BUT I do feel the 200 seems to answer the brakes quicker despite the F haveing green stuff in pads.

Where did you get the tyres from? I'm only local to you and was thinking of getting mine done soon. Did they quote you for the rears as well?

Dear Sue

I went to a place in Catford, they were called 1st London tyre & wheel centre. Telephone: 020 8697 7927

The price for front was 61 each and for the rear they quoted (pooh I can't remember) I think about 85.

They were not the friendliest bunch I have ever meet, perhaps because I said that it was possibly the worst area I ever ever been to.



PS I am going to get the tracking done today, I'll phone around and get more prices for SO2's.

Sunil, what tyres have you got on the back. cos if its the NCT3s still i would keep on treading carefully. Once the S02s get srubbed in and working properly they are so superior to the NCT3s that the balance of the car could be seriously upset and you could end up sideways more often than you'd like. This will be made even worse IMO if you get toe in at the front with S02s at teh front and NCT3s on the back.

I know many that garages wouldn't fit this combination infact.

If you have got better tyres on the back ignore me, but if not please be careful cos it could all happen very quickly.

and anyway it just means you'll have to get the rears done quicker - its well worth it. (i changed my rears with loads of tread left)

A new verb enters the English Language - To Sunil or :-

I Sunil
You Sunil
He/She/It Sunils

Means to travel sideways so:-

I travel sideways
You travel sideways
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N11KRT and the grinning 'Green Squirrel'
Ted Newman

Patrick, the Rover 200 has bigger brake discs than the MGF- perhaps that is why the brakes feel better! ;o) Probably you are right though- more a subjective thing.

Sunil, take your car to any local garage that is capable of servicing a Metro, and get them to reset the ride height (I'd recommend about 350 mm).

S-02s simply get better as they wear Sunil, so don't expect too much until they are 'run-in' a bit. As Ted jokily implies, it would be a very good idea to change the rears to as soon as you can!

Rob Bell

I must admit (why do I feel the urge to confess? :-) ) that I had a little movement perpendicular to the
normal forward direction of travel when I picked up my car after the S02's were fitted.

I should have remembered, and not pulled off so smartly! It was, fortunately, easy to catch before I found the opposite curb....

After a few (wet) weeks, which I assume has slowed down the bedding, they do indeed seem to be improving greatly....


I think my S02s were strange, from day one they gripped like clue, and i tested them from the start. don' think i have ever been out of shape (except on purpose) with FOUR S02s even from new

That was a lie, i came of the track on my last track day

Dear All

I went down to Farnham Tyres to get the tracking done, they said that they could not do the camber as the F has hydro elastic suspension. Not sure if this is true.

However the steering wheel is off centre and the car seems to pull to the left. I am not sure if they have actually done a good job.

I am going to get SO2's on the rear next week.

Incidently I have realised that the blokes that fitted the tyres have f*cked up my rims on the edges.

I am sure that they will deny that they have done this, sh*t happens.



N440 GYG 1.8i BRG

How are you doing?
Regarding your off centre steering - check your ride height at the front wheels, ie ,is it the same on the left and right sides. You will probably find a difference and this will cause your problem even if the tracking etc is ok.
Tim Sanders

I can vouch for changing the tyres on the back if thay are NCT3s. When I got Pirellis (205) on the front of my car (due to suspension experimentation) a week or so before I got the rears. I had to drive very carefully, The fact that it rained for the whole time did not help. The back end was like it was on casters compared to the front.
Tony Smith

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