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MG MGF Technical - Grease the nipples?


The the link to description below seem to have expired. Does anyone have a live description? (preferably with pictures...:-)

From the archives, I gather that any lithium based grease is fine for this task, right?


Richard Eaton, Leeds,
There are instructions on how to "grease your nipples" on my site at


O Sander

To answer myself, dieter had this link, on how to replace the nipples with an easier access angled nipple.

Question, isn't it possible to reach the original with for instance a grease gun with a hose nozzle? (on the other hand, where to get those angled nipples?)
O Sander
with the idea from the Swedish _Connection_

It is possible of course with a usual gun with hose.
It's connector needs to be short to get the curve behind the bumper pipe.

> (on the other hand, where to get those angled nipples?)

Ask me ;)


It will work OK with an ordinary grease gun on the standard nipples, BUT the mating greasgun will not be straight on due to the interference of the shocks.
This will lead to leakage at that transition ,and due to that and lower over all pressure one is not certain of how much grease there is where it is really needed ! Not to mention the additional mess... / Carl.

Sorry to hijack this thread a little bit, but I would like to recall a discussion we had a while ago about these grease nipples on the TF. Back then I said that there weren't any on the rear upper arms on the TF (as opposed to the F) and I was swiftly shot down in flames by everybody who said that I was wrong.

Well, the other day when I changed my wheels, I thoroughly checked myself the upper arms on the four corners of the car and I can now definitely confirm that there are no grease nipples anywhere on the rear suspension components of the TF! Unless components have changed during the life of the TF (mine is from September 2002), the fact is that the TF rear suspension is nipple-less!



thank you. Just looked up elsewhere.

Confirmed for all mgtf since the beginning.
Straight LN10081 Grease Nipples are at the TF front suspension only.

PS. Err, thought on getting 'rich' with 45

What thread size should the nipples have?
O Sander

This thread was discussed between 17/05/2005 and 24/05/2005

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