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MG MGF Technical - !

I've fitted greenstuffs and the 280" discs from MS on my car. I've done about 50km's with them, but everytime I have to brake when I driving more than 100 km/h , I' m feeling little shoks in brakepedal and steeringwheel. I know that it can take some time before the new pads are ok with the new disks, but even after a little trip (I've not driven that fast) there was smoke on the pads. Ad low speed (60km/h), i don't have the feeling.
How long can it take before greenstuffs are ok ?
I don't like the feeling. I never felt this with the original pads from MG.
BV Bruno


I would suggest that the pads are sticking in the caliper; could be pistons not moving smoothly or the pads not sliding smoothly.

Pistons will need pulling out and possibly new seals and a full blead; pads may just need a bit of effort with emry cloth or a light file plus some copper grease.

Smoke from the pads does seem to point to the pads not going back when released.

good luck

Thanks John, but I think that you undertsand me wrowng, when I,m not braking, there's no smoke, just when I'm braking on higher speeds.
Besides, now, the problem with the smoke is better, but there are still little shocks in pedal and steering wheel when I'm braking.
The discs seem to be fine. I hope that I didn't have burned the pads.
BV Bruno

If your disks are cross-drilled (have holes drilled through the disk) you do get a slight vibration feel through the pedal when braking hard.
Derrick Rowe

The disks are the 280" from mike satur (big brake kit, drilled and ventilated)
BV Bruno

green stuff pads can take 100 miles to bed in. (acording to the piece of paper that came in the box with them!)
Steve Ratledge

Did you clean the mating faces of the disc and hub when you fitted them?
Its possable the vibration is being casued by run out if the disks are not sitting flat, you can check this with a dial gauge.
Also, did you clean the protective coating of the discs that they come packed in?
If not, is it possable this is what is causing the smoke, as it burns off?
Steve White

Bruno, I'm sure that there isn't anything to worry about: the drillings and grooves (where modified) often creat a pulsing vibration through the brake pedal. As the pads and discs bed in, things improve - although you'll notice it more from time to time. :o)
Rob Bell

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