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MG MGF Technical - Grinding gears in Reverse


1996 non-vvc 1.8ie (Euro Specs) Pretty good car but to shift into reverse the clutch pedal has to be depressesd almost to the ground. There is also car movement (it seems as the clutch is lightly engaged with pedal down) when the clutch is released and no brakes are applied.

My question is clutch or cylinder or both??? Are there any adjustments to be made and of so where?

Orlando Pantoja

Clutch or cable.

Take it in!


Thanks for the input but the only cables I see are the ones going from the shifter to the gearbox. Are these the cables your were talking about??
Orlando Pantoja

Try 'double de-clutching' and selecting another gear first - there are no synchro hubs on first and reverse and as a cosequence all *F*s make a noise.
Ted Newman

My girlfriends F does the same thing when selectin reverse but MG said this is normal and is due to the lack of syncro mesh on the reverse gear, try putting the car into 4th gear then selecting reverse (while stopped) this works everytime on ours.

There is syncromesh on all 5 forward gears, and as said, not on reverse.


I believe your car has a hydraulic clutch system, no clutch cable just a master cylinder and a hydraulic pipe to the slave cyclinder.
The master is in the front of the car. It is located in the middle of the big black plastic cover against the firewall. Check that the fluid in the reservoir is at the right level.
Look for any leaks. If there are leaks, the master may need fixing/replacing.

The slave is located in the engine bay. You can get to that by removing the rear carpet and engine cover.
Look out for any leaks. If it is leaking fluid, then air will be sucked in, so the clutch may not travel as required.

You may need to bleed the clutch system.

Heres how:

Hope That Helps.


I have this.My car is a 97 VVC 34k on the clock and I drive it very sympathetically but when engaging reverse you simply have to take your time.If you rush you will always crunch the gears.Doesn't seem to be avoidable and its a pain in the bum when you really need to do a fast reverse.
MR Blencowe

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