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MG MGF Technical - GRP Panels

I am building an MGF for a couple of the MGCC race series and am having trouble finding a supplier for a GRP bonnet and engine cover. Smith and Deakin used to supply all my midget panels but don't do them for F's.
Any ideas?

MC Holmes

Hi Mike,

S&D indicated around a thousand pounds cost to develop a bonnet mould, which would then be a valid alternative to the steel panel on a road car. However I'm convinced that for race purposes, i.e. simple thin skin, corner pinned, it shouldn't be difficult to DIY. It would however be very very messy...
Mike Hankin

I've got a fibreglass TF style bootlid. Want to make me an offer for it?

Ralph Gadsby

Mike Satur had a couple of MGFs in his showroom a while back sporting GRP bonnets, maybe worth a call to see if he can help you out in any way.
Steve P

Someone makes them as most of the racers have them. Have a word with Summit MG as they can get them I think.
marc h

All the cup cars had them as standard, they were supplied by MG Rover as part of the race package but I don't know who made them. Thanks for all the advice, will keep trying.
MC Holmes

Mayflower made the glass fibre panels for the cup cars - but ironically, the glass fibre boot panel weighs the same as the steel one... so pretty pointless.

I've seen glass fibre body panels crop up on eBay from time to time. No idea who manufactured them. S&D will make them if you provide the steel originals, but I hadn't got quotes for making the moulds (I didn't know about the 1000 quid bill for that Mike!!!)
Rob Bell

FYI, although not much use to those in the UK........I have made moulds for the bonnet, boot and both doors. In each case I made two moulds, one from the inside and one from the outside. The pieces that I then made within the moulds were glued together to form a double skin as per all the original items. By doing it this way I was able to make them very light as the thickness of each skin was kept to one layer of GRP and the stiffness was attained by virtue of the 3D shape as per the original. Thay saved a lot of weight over the original items. I do have side intrusion protection via the race cage that is fitted. I would not fit the doors to a road car as it deletes the side intrusion bars inside the doors. All items use original hinge points and in the case of the doors, the original door latch as well.

I have made a few items from the moulds for other MGF owners. If you are in Aust I can duplicate them for you but I suspect that the freight to the UK or other country would make them very expensive.
d mottram

The DIY approach is very tempting David - I've been thinking of going on one of those GRP/carbon fibre laying courses for a while - and what a project to get involved with! As you say, not ideal for a road car - unless the side impact protection could be engineered inside the new moulding?

Did you install any of the existing door furniture (locks, handles etc) into your replacement doors David?
Rob Bell

Rob, are you sure the mayflower GRP TF boot weighs the same as a steel one? I had discussed getting one with Summit who race an F and they think it was significantly lighter.
marc h

Not according to Roy! I've not lifted one and compared to a steel version - but looking at the thickness of the GRP... well, let's just say it is a little over engineered ;o)

It is possible that Summit have access to another version of the bootlid (TF version? I am not sure whether the version Roy refers to is the earlier MGF one?) - also it may be possible that the ones they have aren't the Mayflower panels (afterall, they're not rocket science to make are they?)
Rob Bell

The summit ones are definetely TF. I'll ask them where they got them from..
marc h

if any one is interested i am able to produce grp panels ,i already have the outer skin mould for the mgf bonnet if there is enough intrest then i can make the mould for the inner skin .any other panels i would have to see what sort of market there was for them , i have to make a living off this i already supply many of you with the mgf spoiler and splitters on ebay ( i hope i am not upsetting anyone posting this )

Rob, for the bonnet and boot I used the original hinges and bolts (screwed into alloy plates (5mm) glassed into the GRP)so that they fit exactly as per the original. In each case I did not fit the original latch system as I use two pins and R clips as per race regs so didn't need the original latchs.For the doors I used a steel bar with welded captive nuts inside the doors and the factory hinges. I also used the factory door latches but not the handle. I simply extended the vertical rod (that used to be attached to the original door handle) upwards with an aluminium rod. passed it through the upper edge of the top of the door. It now operated as a press button to un-latch the door........very simple and easy to do.

d mottram

Marc, any news?

David, that sounds like some very neat solutions there. I'd probably not go for GRP doors - I do use my car on road, but the boot lid and bonnet are definite possibilities... :o)
Rob Bell

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