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MG MGF Technical - Grub screw for Momo gearknob

... where can I get one ?

Gaz R

Is this a lunch time date exchange??????;-)

glad that was from you mike - it was a struggle to resist :-)

Yeah, a grub screw is when you have to buy 'em dinner first.

Sgd. Germaine Greer
David Bainbridge


What size?
Paul Lathwell

Looks like M4

grub screw ? Essen Schnecke ?
Hmmm, sounds like a female 'starter' ;) LOL
I'd suggest to source at Soho. Might be costly but woun't hold the knob reliable tight.
Strange guys these brits *grin*
Dieter K.


Not sure what size but Dieter's photo is the ... erm ... knob I have ...

Gaz R

If I remember I'll see if we have any at work. ;-)
Paul Lathwell

Just pop into your local, Momo or car accessary dealer, and they should be able to give you one for free.

Hanah I must get over to NZ some time to see what Uptopia is like :-)

Over here we are lucky if the local car accessory dealer even has car accessories 'in stock' - normally it's 'can get it in a few days, say the weekend to be sure'.

But of course we do have Mike Satur, Brown & Gammon, TechSpeed, MGF Centre, Midland MGF and, of course, the MF Factory.

Some friends have, in the past, visited NZ on organised motorcycle trips and they still go on about it several years later. Must try and win the Lottery!

<<Uptopia>> I guess NZ wouldn't help much but could be OK for Utopia!

Hi John!

Hehe, things here if they don't have it in stock, probably get it within a day from a bigger warehouse. But if not in NZ, it takes weeks to get things from *wherever it's coming from*.

I just bought a new gear knob from States to match my interior

It's been 2 weeks, and still not here. A little pissed off, and the guy who is selling is a little cocky, but trying my best to be nice, so if anything goes wrong, I can get my money back. It looks so nice, but not many shops have the exact model. I hope it comes soon.. :-(

in NZ, people are generally nice, and are willing to help if you are nice to him/her! Also those little screws like that... they just give way... I damaged my Momo knob last time, they just gave me a new one off the shelf, and any model that I wanted as well! They said I could look in the catalogue and would bring it from the warehouse, if I want a certain model... I was happy with their service!

Anyway good luck with the screw, and do come over to NZ! :-) Buy you beer! :)

Hanah Kim

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