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MG MGF Technical - Gunson Eezibleed

Does anyone have experience in using this type of kit on an F clutch?

I've still not been able to get clutch pressure back (see previous thread) and local and web advice seem to suggest I need some type of power bleeder.

Any thoughts?

Cheers, Russ

I've not used it on a clutch, but many times on brakes, and find it excellent. I paid around 30 years ago for it, at 16.50, it is a bargain.

The only downside is if there is no adaptor for the clutch reservoir. It comes supplied with 5 or 6 adaptors. If one doesnt fit, then you have to buy an old cap from a scrappie, and drill a hole in it to accept the pipe.
A Lee

If you decide to use it some advice:

Use a very low pressure (10PSI)
Don't put brake fluid in it the first few times you use it, the caps can leak air (which is fine) but if youl it with fluid an cap leaks you will get brake fluid everywhere
Will Munns

I don't know if this will work on an MGF, but it works like a charm on MGBs. Fill the clutch system from the slave. Empty the clutch system of all fluid. Fill the Eezibleed bottle with fluid and connect it to the bleed valve on the clutch slave cylinder. Connect to a tyre with no more than 10 psi pressure - 5 is better. Take the cap off the master cylinder. Open the bleed valve and watch the master cylinder. The fluid will slowly rise up through the system into the master. When it is about half full, close the bleed valve, disconnect the Eezibleed and top up the master. I have used this technique several times (but not on an MGF) and it has always worked first time.
Mike Howlett

Thanks a lot guys, I used the gunson yesterday & it worked fine. I now have pressure & an operational clutch.

There is a cap that fits the F & I can recommend this product, due to the design of the clutch hydraulics I don't see how you can flush / change the fluid without something similar i.e. a pressurised bleeder.

Cheers, Russ

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