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MG MGF Technical - H Gate

Would it be possible to fabricate and fit an H Gate for the gear stick. Always loved them but after watching the Ferrari special on 5th Gear last night I've been inspired!

Wasnt that impressed with the choices though. I mean Testarossa at No.1??? Surely because it is the most well known rather than best (and certainly not best looking)

Anyway can the H Gate be done?
Bob Millar

See MS site, I'm sure I saw somthing on there as an addition to the SSK2
Will Munns

Thanks Will. That must be new (or at least it's very well hidden on Mikes site)
Bob Millar

Sorry a miss-read it's a Ferrari style knob, but mike if anyone would be able to make one up for you - but getting it right so it didn't ring might be an ar*e.
Will Munns

From Mikes Site:

gear knob, Ferrari style ball with gear gate polished/brushed.........................................

I assume then that this means the gear pattern is etched into the gear knob???
Bob Millar

Bob - it might actually be worth your while installing an SSK - the degrees of play on the standard lever are huge, so it would make an exposed 'H' gate an absolute nightmare to use on a practical level. Mike's SSK certainly has the least free-play of any kit on the market - and would be the most suitable starting point for a project like this.

Does anyone make a kit like this? Nope. But if you made a cardboard pattern, and carefully figured out the location of the quadrants such that they don't obstruct the gearlever's movements, it would be easy to get a plate made up (either DIY, or get a machine shop to knock one up for you)

It'd look superb IMO.

One fly in the ointment: the Mk1 centre console's profile isn't entirely flat at this point: what ever master you made would have to take this curvature into account...
Rob Bell


It's not an 'H' gate like a Ferarri, it's a Ferarri style gear knob with a picture of the gate pattern etched into the top of the ball.


Personally i'd love a polished H gate instead of a gaiter - i think there's some mileage in a product like this - You listening Mike? ;-)

Scarlet Fever

Hmmm....looks like a project for these dark winter nights!
Bob Millar

Would be very hard to make, I've driven several Fs with different & standard gear linkages and the knob and movement of them all was totaly different so one H gate would not fit them all. the best option is as Rob says to get one made for your car, making one out of stiff card/plastic first has the added benefit of being able to check it works ok before you can't change gear in a metal one!

This thread was discussed on 16/12/2003

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