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MG MGF Technical - H1 Vision Plus

I have been offered a pair of Philips bulbs -12v 55W Vision Plus bulbs- for my F. Are they good?. Do they deliver the promissed 50% more light?
Grateful for opinions about.
JM Vega-P.

I have then fitted as the dipped bulbs on my 98 F. They do make a difference. They are brighter and whiter. Worth the bit extra. When you get them just fit one side and you will see the difference.

Steve Ratledge

My 97 F was fitted with four H1 Osram Cool Blue. headlights look a bit brighter and whiter but you wont notice a big difference. For sure not look of the real Xenon lights.
Brian Caufield

Nothing can compare to real Xenon lights. However replacing original bulbs can make a difference. Osram Cool Blue and Philips are quite similar giving whiter lights appearance but far away from real HIDs.
John Webster

This thread was discussed between 02/12/2005 and 05/12/2005

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