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MG MGF Technical - Halford's Paint

Having had my front bumper "car parked" during the winter, I got around to cleaning it up and respraying it finally...

Some time ago, I bought a tin of "genuine" Rover/MG spray, so used that. However.. despite having given them the paint code (HAM), the paint that came out of the tin was the "greeny" BRG, instead of the "bluey" older colour...

No problem, so I thought, I'll pop into Arriva and get the right colour. The green I'd put on would make a good basecoat anyway. Of course Arriva didn't have any...

So I went on down to Halfords, and having checked on the shelves, saw the sign that said "come and ask if the colour you want isn't here".

Asking for the HAM version of BRG, they looked it up on their computer and said "OK, it'll take about 10 minutes to make that up". Standing back in amazement!
8.99 for 300ml of custom coloured paint in a spray can!!! They also do 500ml tins and touch up pots too.

Now I'm home, I've tried it, and its a very good match - I'm impressed. Good coverage too... They can also "fade" the recipe to take into account the amount of time the car has sat in the sun...

(I seem to recall the Rover spray was that sort of order of price for half the quantity!)

NNW49 (with a much tidier front bumper!)

The halfords paint is very good, they even make perlecent colours like amaranth - no excuse not to paint your headlamp reflectors now!

I've been pleased with Halfords too. They mixed a can for my classic from database details - very good match too!
Ian Walker

This thread was discussed between 20/04/2002 and 21/04/2002

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