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MG MGF Technical - Hand brake warning light

I have noticed that since my f was serviced , several times my handbrake warning light has come on ,on the instrument panel?
The handbrake obviously is not on!
I have been told that my rear discs are corroded and are very near having to be replaced. Could this problem be anything to do with the tolerances of the system or has the handbrake been adjusted wrong.
The handbrake does not seam 100% like it used to be!

Is there a return spring or something at the lever end that i can adjust?



in your special case with obvious worn discs or pads, I think it's worth having a look to the brake fluid reservoir.
Handbrake switch and fluid level switch are linked parallel. So the light comes off either with low fluid or engaged handbrake.
I had this years ago with my first MGF. The fluid canister sat whyever a little cambered on the master brake cylinder and the light went after re-filling some fluid.

But notice, this doesn't help against worn brakes !!! ;)

On the other hand the handbrake switch is located below the handbrake lever, direction co-drivers seat. No adjustment possible but replace, or tighten loose screw. You find lots of suggestions in the archives about switch repair solutions.



My 2000 F handbrake light used to come on when I first bought it. It was cured by adjusting the cable which is accessable by removing the tidy box behind the handbrake and tightening the bolt that you will see attached to the cable.
simon andrews

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