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MG MGF Technical - Handbrake Lamp Sensitive

Dear all,

First of all I hope all you MGF owners are enjoying their cars now during the summer. The VVC is the coolest 2seater sports car I have ever driven.
Secondly, I have to mention my dilemma. It is not a problem of big matter but I just find it irretating.
When unblocking / releasing the handbrake sometimes the handbrake warninglamp continues to be lit.
Then I have to push the handbrake lever a bit further down and the lamp deluminates.

Is there anything I can do to alter the sensitivity on the handbrake lever?

Cheers everyone!

P.S Who are those girls with big breasts driving Trophy´s? I reckon they might be pranks.



I have been having exactly the same problem with my VVC. It's been going on for ages now, and it also irritates the hell out of me! Don't know about you, but I think mine is worse in the cold weather!!!

Nice to see there's a big response on this thread!!!!

If anyone out there can share some comments/hints on this one, it'd be much appreciated.

I have this as well, but if I tuck the hand brake down, it stays off.

Does urs do that too? Or do you guys have to hold the hand brake lever down to de-luminate the light?

Hanah Kim

Hi Guys

I suffer from the same problem when the weather turns a bit cold like this week. The problem is the handbrake adjustment is underneath the centre console, so this has to come out first. The official way is to remove the radio, disconnect all the dials, but some-one else on the board may know quicker method. If you jack up the rea of the car and spin a wheel, you'll probably find the brakes are not dragging, so it's not a problem.


I to had this problem but mentioned it at my next service and they fixed it (for nothing)

Hi you all suffering,

I know of mainly two reasons for this problem.
First relates to the brake fluid expansion tank in the bonnet. If the level is whyever low or ther connector to the level sensor is corroded, then the handbrake light is also working out the signal.
I had this at my old 96 MGF and was very pleased finding the level low after I had dismantled the tunnel and finding the handbrake switch working fine ;)

The other is direct related to the switch at the handbrake.
gives a first impression on the look.
the black square on the gold shining part of the assy is that switch and the strengthened black part above on the lever is what it pushes down. (app 2cm 'south-west' of the left rivet)

If you are able to adher a thin piece of sheetmetal under the handbrake lever or on the small pushbutton, then the problem may go without dismanteling the whole centre tunnel and handbrake assy.

Dieter Koennecke

Phil, if you search in the archive you'll find some interesting stuff on the matter. From previus thread Nick, Gillingham wrote:
"This is easy to fix, it happened on mine.

Remove the cubby box in the centre console and find the nut attached between the two brake cables and the handbrake cables, give it a couple of turns until the handbrake lever is no longer slack (don't go mad or you'll be driving with the brakes on!). this will stop that annoying light coming on when it's not supposed to."

My handbrake sometimes needs a small push pown before the light goes out. Seems like a sensetive design.

BTW My Thahiti Blue 1.8i F from '99 is mostly running the roads in Hässelby NV of Stockholm, where are you at?

Ronny Peschel

Hi Ronny!

I am situated in Stockhom, Lidingö. So I will be mostly cruising around in the city centre.
Do you know any dealers here in Sweden/Sthlm that sells MGF parts? PIKAB?

Well, I will be looking at my handbrake dilemma this weekend. Hopefully everything goes as planned.
If you are in the States for the moment do not bother coming to Sweden. But if you decide to come here be prepared to buy a hardtop for your MGF. The weather is really bad. Worse than the Brittish.



BTW, tell me about your Tahiti blue.
As you said it was an 1.8, have you got any modifications? Nevertheless it is not really needed. The car in standard mode is marvellous. What kind of alloys? Interior? Exterior? How many MGF´s are there in the Sthlm area? I see some green ones. Seen one TF. But so far I reckon I have not seen a blue one. At least not a VVC.

Mine is a VVC, 98. I just installed a new ITG induction kit, and a new trophy TB 52mm.
Jag rekommenderar det verkligen. It is worth the extra £. goes very fast. I compete with my fathers BMW V12 850. Not in speed, just acceleration.



Hi Phil, I dont have your problem so I am lucky in my VVC-98. It is a nightfire red with black hardtop and AC and walnut.
Kenneth Johansson

Dear Ken,

I am glad to hear that you are not experiencing the handbrake-lever problem. Your nightfire red must be very nice. With a blackhardtop aswell, you must be very lucky as you mentioned in the prior thread.
Where in Sweden are you situated? Is there a group in Sweden (sthlm) that meet up once in a while? It would be nice to meet other MGF owners in Sweden. Do some illegal drag racing and so forth. lol :o)


is Ronny when he picked up the car.

BTW, you both are missing in Paul's F'ers Gallery @

Dieter Koennecke

Phil, I'll send you an off-line respons.

Ronny Peschel

Hi Dieter, I've now registered to Paul's gallery.


Ronny Peschel

You're supposed to adjust the cable until there's a 1-2mm gap at the bit that rotates at the wheel (queue Dieter to point us to a picture!)

At that point the cable will be slightly in tension when the lever is down, thus pushing down on the switch.



you reffer to the rear brake calipers ?
That is MGTF but the same as MGF.
Dieter Koennecke

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