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MG MGF Technical - Handbrake problem

Help!! Has anyone else had problems with the handbrake holding. My 2003 mgtf 1.6 keeps rolling off my drive with the handbrake fully engaged

Had no problems in the Highlands in May. As the car is still under warranty I suggest you find a dealer. How many miles ?? Are pads wearing?? Is cable stretching?? The cable can be adjusted quite easily - may not be considered a warranty fault, more a service wear & tear.

It's already been into the garage twice. Having collected it this afternoon from the garage I was told yet again there are no problems. On my return home I checked it out on my driveway. It still rolled backwards with the handbrake fully engaged. The only way I can get it to stay on the drive is by leaving it in gear.
I really don't know what to do now as although on both occasions I have had witnesses to testify the handbrake was on, the garages won't believe me.

Write to the Principal of your dealership and state the problem in full and also state that you have witnesses to the problem.

Also copy in MGR and show that you have copied them in with a CC at the bottom of the letter.

If this gets no responce then try and get the AA (or such) to verify the problem.

Ted Newman

I had that problem when I first had my car it was fixed under warranty.The handbrake was fully engaged but it did not work properly,all they did was adjust the handbrake cable,it did have to go in twice though for them to get it right.

This thread was discussed on 10/07/2004

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