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MG MGF Technical - Hardtop heated rear window wiring

Help please I've lost the wire for the heated rear window - MGF 1.8i MY2001. I fitted my hardtop last weekend (and please no comments abouts wimps etc. or that I'd have been better off going to Gaydon!) and cannot find the wire coming from a wiring loom (hope this makes sense). Not the wire attached to the screen itself, that's still there but I've got nothing to connect it to! I've had the hardtop on for the last three winters so I know it's there somewhere and it was there when I took the hardtop off in the spring. Since I took the hard top off I've had a head gasket repair and a main service, both of which I presume required access to the engine by removal of the engine cover plate. Is it possible that this could have lead to the 'loss' of the wire. I took out the carpet and sound proofing over the cover plate but cannot see the wire and connector block anywhere. Can anyone help by giving me an idea where this wire originates from, ie. which wiring loom, where it passes into the inside of the car or where to look for it?

Regards, Bill.
wjf farnsworth

It'll be there. Chances are that it is tucked away under the parcel shelf carpet, so have a good poke around and remove the carpet as necessary to see if you can locate the loom.

Rob Bell

Rob, thanks for that, but I did take out the parcel shelf carpet and sound deadening material. I also unclipped the rear of the soft top to get a better look. No sign of the wire which is why I'm so perplexed! This is why I was hoping someone could tell me where the wire originates so that I know where to direct further poking around.

Regards, Bill.
wjf farnsworth

IIRC the wire emerges through the loom gromet in the parcel shelt panel.

Chances are that the wire is hidden away under the hood frame/ under the T-Bar trim, I suspect.
Rob Bell

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