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MG MGF Technical - Hardtop Relay?

Can any body tell me the Location of the Hard Top Heated rear screen Relay, and also the colour of the Relay.

Much appreciation


its behind the heated rear windscreen button on dashboard its connected to it think its black and costs about 10. hope this helps. Dave
david morris

Try searching the archives for words like 'relay' 'heated' 'rear' Richard
Archive is acessed via link at top of the page
VUB101330 gives you switch & relay

pa Isn't it time you had your hard top off?
John Thomas


the relay is the top one on the door side in the fuse box under the steering wheel. It is yellow.

Full instructions in Dieter's site:
Spyros Papageorghiou

oups sorry, make that the bottom relay. not the top. Still yellow.
Spyros Papageorghiou

Thanks for the info.
I'm soon to take delivery of a TF, so I'm keeping my Mk1 Hardtop for the TF. The dealer couldn't find the exact relay location on their system.

John I'v had the Hardtop off for the past month. Though you do see quite a few F's with the Hardtops still on, even in the summer.




FWIW, the hard top relay kit with button and relay cost me 5.15 + VAT when I bought one at the end of last year. (The previous owner bought the hard top but didn't have the wiring added, and I wanted the demister).

Considering the amount of trouble I had getting the relay in for the demister, I'd suggest buying the kit instead may be worth it for an 'easy life'.


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