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MG MGF Technical - Hardtop window


I just bought a used F with hardtop. I noticed that the glass has an electrical resistance and there is a kind of socket to the electrical system. So far so good...

The problem is: In the dashboard, there isnt any push-button to switch it on! How can I solve this problem?

Valter Fernandes

Your will need to get a switch which should be available at any dealer and will fit next to the window switches in one of the blanked of holes. I beleieve the wiring is already in place but hidden under the carpet.

Tom Randell

Your hardtop is not an original fitment to the *F* you have.

What you need is as Tom say a switch but you also need the correct relay and in case you have not found it the wire for the hardtop connector is normally hidden under the 'parcel shelf' carpet behind the left side door - just behind your left ear!

Ted Newman

Hi Valter
My F is a second hand too, but it was diferent to me: the swicth was there but not the hardtop... (lucky you) :)

bye Joao

brg 18-12-MJ
Joao Barros Gpmes


the switch part number is YUG 101480 (in my opinon) only availiable at Rover dealers.
You need to reove the co-drivers side panel of the footweel and press out the switchboard carefully in direction from rear to the direction of the gearstick.
There will be a blue coloured connector for the switch.

The place for the several switches are not that useful for continental user. If you don't like i.e. the position for the rear fog light, then you can easy change the switch location on your current works to any other place.
The switches have a coded gap / feather, but this can easy be cut off.

The relay isn't useful to purchase from Rover cause any standard relay for 12V car power supply is applicable if its a NO (normally open) contact.
Just flap down the fuse box cover under the steering wheel. On the far left side are two relays located and a yellow coloured socket for the screen heater relay. Push it to this place.

Thats all, but don't forget to connect the heater itself as Ted mentioned.

Dieter Koennecke


Ive already found the wire for the hardtop connector. And next Im going to remove the switchboard as Dieter says.

Thanks a lot.

Valter Fernandes

This thread was discussed between 07/03/2001 and 09/03/2001

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