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MG MGF Technical - head gasket cost please...

Hi, all still trying to get my f sorted and have had 1 quote for the H G replacment(if it is this) and includes belt, test head and skim, diagnostic test to get more info tommorrow and was a ball park figure ... 800.00.
If anyone wouldn,t mind saying what theres have cost i,d be grateful.
If i get it done i,m only going to get it fixed once , don,t want to penny pince if it is done properly.
m e johnson

Mike Satur in S. Yorkshire is advertising 475 +VAT.

Don't know if this helps

I was 600 at main dealer almost 3 years ago, but the head did not need skimming.

Sam Murray

mine was around 850 inc VAT, including new belt + skim. Done by Brown and Gammons. The Mike Satur price looks good if you can get there...
Mike Chase

How long is a piece of string ??
A cost can only be worked out after the head is removed and you have found the cause and the damage.
You may then add the nice to have such as cambelt, water pump, tensioner and any hoses that you disturb over 5 years old and then of course, anything that caused the problem, underbody pipes, radiator etc.etc.
The price of a HG change is only the starter.
The best is for a parts and labour price with about 37 plus vat per man hour.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing


My 02 160 had been done just before I got it(02/52 TFs are even worse for HGF!:o( ).

The repair was done by Ex-main MG-R deal and total cost was!!......... 1100! Ouch! :o((
G. M Leonard

oil changet done mine myself (see my earlier thread regarding engine sounding like a diesel), the head skim was
A D Smith

Thanks all, probably not two bad then as the cost was the skim, test etc etc.. I think M S quote is labour only and is plus whats neccesarry.
m e johnson

we paid 475 , included a reskim and MOT
alan & Pam
AP Jones

Wow 475.oo inc re skim thats a bargain.
I,m a bit stuck as i need to go local as it can,t be drove.
Thanks guys and gals
m e johnson

I had my 1st (and, so far, only) HGF earlier this year at 70,000 miles (1996 MGF). This was fixed by Friarsgate Tamworth, in conjunction with 120,000 service (which was due), for 700. Since the service itself is usually 500, the HGF was effectively fixed for 200! No re-skim required, though.

The car was off the road for only 3 days (and, to date, that's the sum total for the whole of its 10+ years).

200 and 3 days - don't know what all the fuss is about!

Paul Daykin

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