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MG MGF Technical - head gasket gone @ 10k miles

The head gasket has just blown; the car is 3 years old (final warranty check March 2005) and has only done 10k miles, or so.

I am facing a huge repair bill and am astounded that the gasket has blown at this age and with limited mileage.

Is anyone aware of this being a particular issue for MG TFs? or has had experience of the costs of repair work for this problem?

mg specialist>
It is less of a problem with TFs than it was with earlier Fs but it can still occur. I know it's been said before, and somebody will object, but HGF is not limited to MG F/TF, they can, and do, happen to any car engine.

This doesn't help you much of course. Cost of repair, assuming it was spotted quickly and collateral damage has been minimised, should be around

Anne Marie this is Bad news! and a rare thing for a TF.

Where did you get this car?
As it is so close to the end of the warranty I would have a go at trying to get a reduction on costs from the resposible garage.
Unfortunately with MGR bust it may prove difficult but it's worth a try.


Keep a close eye on coolant levels!!!

just a thought, had it been recently serviced and was the coolant changed? - if so the garage could have left an airlock in the system causing your HGF.

Did you buy the car new from a dealer who is still in business ?? If so, then you may talk to your local Trading Standards as at 10K, then it was/is "Not Fit for the Purpose".
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

It's not that rare for a TF....
Of course on a '96 F, it has had more chances to happen in 9 years, but in the end I don't think there are much differences, unless the TF has the revised cooling system with the PRT.

I am beginning to think something happened around 2002 as across all the MG boards I frequent I am seeing a number of TF HGFs at about 17K miles (mine included) I know this is a fair bit less, but it is in the same age bracket.

Still I suppose in over 9 years of F/TF driving only 1 HGF isn't too bad.
David M


Thank you very much for your thoughts - the car was purchased and has been serviced through an MG dealer (still in business!) and I will bear your comments in mind when I go to collect the car.

Make regular checks that coolant level is around the horizontal moulding line AND never go above 3000rpm until oil temperature is up to its normal hot reading.

It can easily take 5 to 8 miles from cold before everything is tight and warmed-up.

Think of your engine as a loose bag of bones which could leak if pushed when cold. Bet you regularly revved it before it was really warmed through - it's so easy to do on a fun car!
Pete Tipping

As posted on another thread, my 52 TF had suffered from coolant loss, apparantly due to a dislodged cylinder liner. Time will tell if that's fixed it.

Anyone got an upto date RAVE CD? Any mention of 2002 engine assy probs? not enough / wrong sealant perhaps?

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