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MG MGF Technical - Head Lights not Bright Enough

My MGF has failed it WOF in New Zealand and drivers side head light is not bright enough.
Have been told ny my garage I will need a new head light.
Is there any way to over come this problem as the cost of a new head light is very high in NZ as parts will have to come from the UK.

KJ Harte

yes you can get the bowls rechromed with a process called vacumn metallising i am sending a set to dual metallising on mon check internet for someone doing this in your area regards richard
tg hardwick

Some more details of the from here Kevin -

There might be a company local to you in New Zealand, but I guess there is always the option to send to the UK - but the international frieght costs are going to make this a little more expensive...
Rob Bell

You could try fitting Xenon bulbs.

This might get it through the MOT test.

Good luck!
Sam Murray

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