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MG MGF Technical - headlamp assembly

hi,i have two faulty mgf headlamps and want to make one good one, does anyone know how to remove the chrome inner plastic reflector from the rest of the light unit. i have got the light off the car and the glass lens off but stuck from there. thanks. steve
s hardy

The innards are held together by ball & socket type fittings, 4 IIRC, which need to be prized apart very carefully - best to have the whole unit at a generous room temperature, or give it a few hours in the airing cupboard, this will help the sockets to flex and release the ball ends. Start with the beam adjusters, as once these are out you'll have a degree of access to release the remainder.

Be very careful when prizing it apart - it's very easy to break the reflector (can be superglued back together again). I usually give the ball and socket joints a little spray silicon grease to help. this certainly makes it easier to get the whole lot back together again. If you look in the archives you'll see lots about this since it's quite common to paint the surround to make them look like Trophy lights.
David Clelland

thanks for the advice guys i will have a very careful go at it.
s hardy

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