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MG MGF Technical - Headlamp bulb confusion


Ive just bought a set of headlamp bulbs H7's as recommended in the MGF handbook. Trouble is its not the same as the ones fitted. My headlamp bulb has a single spade connector whilst the H7 bulbs have a two spade connector.
Whilst searching for information on a retailers website I gave the make of car and it came up with H1's for both headlamp and main beam. Can anyone offer advice.

GH Morgan


Both combinations of H1 and H7s have been used. To be sure you need to see what bulbs are fitted to your particular car.

David Clelland

Thanks David

Can't make out the stamps on the bulbs to check. The main beams are H1's and the headlamps look the same. Does this sound correct. I mean is it OK to have the same bulbs for mainbeam and headlamp. The handbook would then be wrong, which I suspect may be the case.


My 2001 Trophy has H1's for dipped and main beam so that is correct Greg.
Blue Pocket Rocket

This is a well known failure in the files with H7 since years.

I've never found out (and this means something) whether there's really any MGF out there with H7. May be the pre-series cars had ?

Anyway, the problem is that aswell the aftermarket data bases are filled with that crap and never got corrected. So Halfords _like_ shops have them wrong assigned.

When I first got my F I bought a set of bulbs in Halfords. Obviously, they didn't fit so I took them back and was told that 'your car must be wrong'. A bit of reading on here showed that, in fact, my car was wrong along with many others.
John Ponting

LOL :)

Never trust halfords...........

Many bad experiences...........

My no 72 f uses the same for main beam and full beam.........not sure which but they are the ones with the single connector oon the back

R P Earle

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